Education Services

Our overarching philosophy within our school services provision is to ‘Bridge the Gap’ in speech, language and communication needs (SLCN).  We believe it is imperative to give pupils, their parents/carers, and education staff working alongside children/young people with SLCN the best possible support and specialist help at the earliest opportunity.

Bridge Speech Therapy provides a flexible speech and language therapy service that clearly meets your individual needs or service expectations; producing positive outcomes & results for individual pupils, early years providers, and educational settings.

For all pupils accessing our speech and language therapy sessions, they will enjoy learning in a fun, relaxed and motivating environment. 

Our CORE Services


Specialist SaLT advice

within your setting focusing purely on individual school priorities and objectives.



assessing individual pupils & providing diagnostic reports with appropriate recommendations/next steps.


Regular and direct therapy input

access to specific resources and intervention packages.


SENCO, Teacher and TA support:

regular liaison, on-the-job training & joint target setting for IEPs/EHCPs.


Bespoke staff training packages

for individual year groups and/or whole school training specific to school needs.


Accredited training packages

for education staff; including TalkBoost and ELKLAN training packages.


Supporting settings to be 'Communication Friendly'

using audits, delivering training and facilitating the accreditation process.

Our School Pathways

Universal Support: 'good for all'

  • a whole-setting approach
  • it is a shared responsibility across school
  • training to develop quality first teaching in a language rich environment, which promotes all pupil’s language & communication skills
  • audit of the SLC provision currently provided in school
  • general language advice/support provided by the SaLT

Targeted Support: 'necessary for some'

  • targeted input includes advice tailored to the pupil’s individual needs
  • SaLT will support teaching staff in using targeted interventions (e.g. delivery of language groups)
  • SaLT will train, coach & model specific strategies working closely with TAs
  • targeted interventions require oversight from the SaLT
  • SaLT may be involved in reviewing and monitoring progress

Specialist Support: 'essential for a few'

  • SaLT to complete specialist diagnostic assessments & reports
  • identify specific targets & individual programmes, with regular oversight by the SaLT
  • incorporate individual S&L targets within the school curriculum, collaborative target setting with SENCO
  • SaLT to deliver direct therapy/interventions (1:1 or small group)